Life Science Initiative

Starting from a firm foundation of proven academic and industry assets, BioCrossroads has launched several businesses and industry/academic collaborations to pursue new life sciences opportunities. Our organization also has provided a platform for the launch of other enterprises, including funding and science education initiatives.

BIOCROSSROADSLINX Indiana has nearly 50 contract service providers for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries and more than 6,300 highly-skilled employees working in this growing industry, ranging from toxicology to drug formulation to contract manufacturing and cold chain storage.  Recognizing an opportunity to advance this sector, BioCrossroads launched BioCrossroadsLINX in late 2007.

DATALYS CENTER FOR SPORTS INJURY RESEARCH AND PREVENTION is a national non-profit organization formed by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), BioCrossroads, and the American College of Sports Medicine that conducts and provides research and surveillance expertise to support the sports injury information needs of organizations focused on improving the health and safety of the growing number of Americans who are physically active and/or participate in sports. Through the Center’s collection and analysis of sports participation, injury and treatment data, programs, policies, rules and education can be developed in order to prevent and treat sports injuries more effectively.

The Datalys Center builds on the NCAA’s Injury Surveillance System (ISS). The NCAA has continued its involvement with sports injury surveillance as the Center’s first collaborative partner. The NCAA has been collecting injury and exposure data from a sample of NCAA institutions in a variety of sports for 25 years. This effort, which has resulted in the creation of the largest ongoing collegiate sports injury database in the world, has established the NCAA as a leader in student-athlete injury surveillance and prevention, and the Datalys Center will leverage the NCAA’s prominence in this area.

EXIBHIT INDIANA (Expanding Indiana’s Breakthroughs in Health Information Technology) is a branding initiative focused on advancing the development and effective use of HIT within Indiana and across the U.S.

I-STEM RESOURCE NETWORK  Based on a recent study, Indiana is likely to see more than 40,000 new jobs in the life sciences by 2012. The Indiana Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (I-STEM) Resource Network will help position Indiana’s workforce to take advantage of these job opportunities by creating programs to improve STEM knowledge in K-12 students. The I-STEM Resource Network is a statewide consortium of 14 higher education institutions dedicated to measurably improving K-12 student achievement in the STEM disciplines by focusing on professional development for K-12 STEM teachers, the creation of formal relationships between these teachers and institutions of higher education, and hands-on activities and learning opportunities for students and families. The I-STEM Resource Network began in 2004 through the efforts of BioCrossroads, connecting higher education officials, corporate leaders and policy makers in a shared focus on the improvement of K-12 STEM studies.

INDIANA HEALTH INFORMATION EXCHANGE (IHIE) operates a statewide health IT network, aggregating health data from over 90 hospitals and other care facilities in a secure, standardized electronic format for optimized care delivery and coordination. IHIE was formed in 2004 through a community collaboration by BioCrossroads, Indianapolis-area hospitals, the Regenstrief Institute and state and local health departments.

INDIANA SEED FUND II A follow-on fund to the $6 million Indiana Seed Fund I, the return-driven Indiana Seed Fund II was launched in April 2012 and is managed by BioCrossroads. The $8.25 million fund provides working capital to promising Indiana life sciences companies at the preliminary stages of operation.

INDY HUB Indy Hub was formed in June 2005 by the City of Indianapolis and BioCrossroads to help Indianapolis attract and retain young professionals and create a more vibrant young professional community in the City. Indy Hub hosts a variety of events for young professionals, and it promotes other cool and interesting opportunities throughout the Indianapolis and central Indiana.

ORTHOWORX  Warsaw-based, industry, community and education initiative to advance and support growth and innovation within the region’s uniquely concentrated, globally significant orthopedics device sector.  The initiative is targeting an integrated set of educational, workforce, cultural, communication, branding, logistical and entrepreneurial efforts that will advance the orthopedics sector and the Warsaw community, which calls the sector “home.”



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